1st Spring Pep Rally Since 2019


Cheer performing.

Maryam Ali, Writer

The Spring pep rally was on Wednesday, April 20 in the main gym from 9:44 A.M. – 10:19 A.M.


The pep rally started with the fight song and other band tunes played by the Lincoln Southwest band then there was a welcome with Principal John Matzen. 


“We are going to play a lot of fun tunes and hopefully it will entertain the crowd.” senior Mikayla Cieslik said. 


The unified track and field was introduced and recognized by coach Brandi Benson as  it started last year but could not be recognized in the 2021 spring pep rally as the last spring rally was in 2019 due to the pandemic. 


The freshman played against the sophomores, and the sophomores won. Juniors played against the seniors, and the seniors won. Sophomores played against the seniors, and the seniors won. Lastly, the seniors played against the faculty, and the seniors won.


The Emeralds then performed a Choreography created by the seniors.    


The prom court queen and kings, princess and prince candidates were introduced by the Student Council. 


Cheer took the floor before the all grades dodgeball game. 


“We also wanted to recognize the fact that we hadn’t had a real traditional normal school year for a long time,” Dr. Travis Brady said. “So we settled on the idea of recognizing the seniors that have been in that leading class through those three years resigned to the occasion. We wanted to recognize their contribution to a class that has no normal high school experience. As a way to honor their leadership we are going to give them this pep rally to send them off on a positive note.”  


Throughout the rally there were some seniors and state qualifiers shout outs as well.