Cause for Paws: Behind the Name


By Leila Stewart

Every place has a story to tell, and every person has a story.

Cause for Paws is a boutique that donates their profits to help take care of animals. But it didn’t start off as an animal-centered store.

Before opening Cause for Paws in 2008, Adair Sue Sturgis was the owner of another boutique called the White Orchid. Although the store was successful, she felt that it “wasn’t enough,” and that she could do more for her community.

“The same night I thought of what else I could do, I had a dream, and the universe spoke to me,” said Sturgis.

The next day, she told her husband that she was selling the White Orchid and wanted to help animals.

She opened Cause for Paws, where she sells secondhand, high-end clothes and household items from donors across the city.

Other types of donations are appreciated as well. This includes pet food, cat litter, bottled water, leashes and collars, pet crates and beds, blankets and cleaning supplies.

Donors may simply give money, and tax reciepts can be provided if necessary.

She donates the profit to charities such as the Hearts United for Animals and the Lincoln Animal Ambassadors.

Flash forward to almost nine years later, and now she is also helping low-income families take care of their animals.

“I can’t help but be emotional when I see families who want to take care of their pets, but don’t have the money to,” said Sturgis.     She has families come into her store and show documentation of their annual income. If they fit the criteria, she will send their animals to a vet and pay for the bill.

Her love for animals is contagious.

“Animals have souls; I don’t know if you can, but I know I can see them,” she said.

Sturgis believes that the relationship humans have with their pets is more valuable than anything on the planet.

“They don’t live as long as humans do, but that just makes them more special and worthy of proper care,” she said.

Cause for Paws is located at 2445 South 48th Street.

Their hours are Monday through Wednesday and Friday through Saturday from 10AM to 5PM and Thursday from 10AM to 7PM.       

All forms of donations are welcome, and all of the proceeds go towards supporting animals throughout the city.