Top Five Fall Fashion Trends for Fall 2022


Taylor Emmons, Writer

While the days are getting shorter and our ability to stay warm in shorts and t-shirts is fading, here are some of the top fall fashion items to look for on this year’s shopping spree. Not only will you look fashionable, but you will also be warm at the same time.  

  1. Baggy Denim 

Baggy denim jeans are a way to make your outfits this fall season both trendy and effortless at the same time. Denim jeans are a comfy way to style yourself as the weather gets colder.  If an individual wants a more professional look they can also be worn with a tighter shirt. To continue other ways to make this outfit seem more professional include adding a blouse or a blazer to the jeans. I believe baggy jeans are a trend in the autumn season because more people want to look comfortable yet cute at the same time. Not only are denim jeans popular, but another thing that is popular in the denim category are denim jackets. 

2. Leather Jackets 

To some, putting leather jackets on this top five list may as well be considered a high crime. However, when styled correctly, leather jackets can create a great fashionable look. These jackets can look good in several ways, whethercropped or oversized. Oftentimes these jackets are a statement piece to an outfit. Leather jackets are something that will never go out of style and still keep you warm in the brisk weather.

3. Knit Tops

For fall, something this year that is becoming increasingly more popular is knit sweaters. Many fashion brands are bringing homemade crochet outfits to the table this year. The increased use of bright colored crochet or knit sweaters gives many the feeling that fall is just a continuation of summer. These knit tops yet again, are another thing that can keep you warm. They add a hint of summer to the fall season. 

4. Bomber Jackets 

Similarly to leather jackets, bomber jackets are a type of clothing that will simply never go out of style. They are another statement asset to add to your closet. These jackets can be styled with almost anything but they are most popularly paired with plain colored t-shirts, long sleeves, or even turtlenecks. 

5. White Top and Blue Jean combo 

The last and final outfit on this list combines two staple pieces in everyone’s closets. This outfit can be both simple and classy at the same time. While this outfit is guaranteed to look good on its own, you can also layer other pieces over this outfit to personalize it.