Sliver Hawks Step To the Music


Cadi Wilbeck

Freshman Jena Kirstine performs her routine in Dance 101.

Cadi Wilbeck

Dance 101 is available for students to take in the wrestling room, and is a laid-back class for students who enjoy the art of dancing. It allows students to create and perform their own dance routines, as well as learn popular dances such as, “Thriller,” by pop icon Michael Jackson.


“I like it because the teacher takes our requests for songs,” freshman dancer Jena Kirstine said. “But “Thriller,” was definitely my favorite.”


The students in the class range from freshman to seniors. The class is a time for students to have fun, rather than to sit and take notes.


“My favorite part of dance class is there’s no stress, and you get a break from daily homework,”  Kirstine said. “It’s such a great way to express yourself.”


The class entails students creating their own dances, as well as learning dances from online videos. Through those dances the students have fun with their friends and make new ones while also staying active.


“I have definitely made friends through this class,” freshman Aryana Pickering said. “The things you do in this class definitely create an opportunity for making new friends.”


The teacher of the class is Ms. Amy Cariotto, who also teaches Health and Outdoor Adventure. She has taught Dance for four years at Southwest and seven previously at Lincoln High.


“If the kids are excited about dance, I love teaching it. Their enthusiasm is contagious. I’m also a big fan of modern dance because it’s so different from traditional dances. This style really lets the students explore and be creative.”


Experience levels in the class range from total beginners to members of the school’s varsity dance team, the Emeralds.  The class usually takes 30 or more students per term.


“When I got this class put on my schedule, I thought, ‘Oh, this is going to be so weird,’” Kirstine said. “But when I actually started participating, it was one of the best classes I’ve ever taken.”