The Hawk

2018-2019 Staff

Nicasia Thelen


I am a senior and I have been on the newspaper staff for three years now. I have always enjoyed writing and newspaper gave me the chance to write about what I want. I really enjoy the environment and the new friends that I have...

Claire Sublette


I'm a freshman at Southwest and i'm new to The Hawk staff. I like writing in my free time and enjoy newspaper a lot. I love learning about things going on in the world right now and current events. I enjoy spending time with friends...

Thursey Cook


I am a Junior and it is my first year as a writer for The Hawk. I enjoy writing about current events that interest me and enjoy the laid back environment of class. I'm a dancer so I love spending most of my time at the dance studio....

McKenna DeRiese


I am a junior and I am brand new to The Hawk. I love writing stories, especially those that apply to our busy, high school lives. In my spare time I like to read too many books and watch Netflix while eating Wheat Thins with my...

Kole Scheneman


Hello there, my name is Kole Scheneman. I'm currently a sophomore. This is my second year with the Hawk Staff. I like being on the staff because it allows me to write about the stuff that I'm interested in. In my free time, I...

Eleanor Schmeichel


I'm a Senior, I've apart of this staff for four months. I love learning about all the sports, and activities that go on during an average school day. I also enjoy writing about what I'm passionate about, and spending time with...

Ricky Birdwell


I'm a senior here at Southwest and I've been on the newspaper team for about four months. I think the thing I like the most about newspaper is how everyone on the staff are all friends, we all get along. Sometimes. In my free...

Jina Bagheri


Hey, I'm Jina Bagheri. I am a freshman at Southwest. This is my first year on The Hawk Newspaper staff. At the beginning of the semester I wasn't confident in my writing skills, but taking this class has helped me improve my writing...

Ashley Finnegan


I'm Ashley, I am a sophomore. I have been a writer for The Hawk for about 5 months so far. The thing I like the most about being on staff is the freedom I have to write. I have endless topics that I could write about. In my free...

Zade Miller


Hey, my name is Zade Miller, and I'm currently a senior. I have been a part of The Hawk staff for two years now. I enjoy being a part of this team, because it allows us to write about the world going on around us. In my spare...

Cadi Wilbeck


Hi, I'm Cadi Wilbeck. I am in 9th grade, so this is my first year on The Hawk Newspaper Staff. The thing I like most about being on the staff is how much freedom I have when choosing what stories to write, so I can do anything...

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