Math Club Calculating Success


The trophy for the UNL Math Competition that was on December 2.

Lillian Bittle, Writer

Every Thursday after school, Math Club meets in B109 to discuss and solve different math problems. They have been to four competitions in the first semester and are going to about four more competitions in the second semester.


There are only a few students involved in Math Club, juniors Milana Sherman, Blaine Traudt, Louis Quattrocchi, sophomore Jason Jiang, freshmen Isha Valloppilly, and Calvin Gardels.


“I wasn’t athletic. So I didn’t compete in like sports or anything,” Sherman said. “So this was like my way to assert my dominance over my peers at [age] seven.” 


They just recently got fourth place in the UNL Math Competition in December. They are still waiting for results to see if any students qualified for the second round. 


“I like Math Club because we look at math problems that you don’t see in a traditional class,” Coach Jeff DeVries said. “A traditional class doesn’t have time for them.” 


If you are interested in joining Math Club talk to Mr. DeVries in room B112 or email him at [email protected]