Genders and Sexualities Alliance Begins


Lillian Bittle

Officers of GSA show a slideshow about the club. GSA will have an informational slideshow for the first 30 minutes of every meeting.

Lillian Bittle, Writer/Editor

On Monday, Aug. 22, in B203, Genders and Sexualities Alliance Club (GSA) had their first meeting of the 2022-2023 school year. There was an informational slideshow introducing the officers and explaining the plan for the club moving forward. 


“I thought the first meeting was very good. There are a lot of new people whose faces I hadn’t seen,” senior GSA president Molly O’Brien said. “We got a good mix of freshmen, sophomores and seniors and it was really exciting.”


The second half of the meeting was a social hour where students could meet others in GSA. Many freshmen were able to meet returning members of the club and get a feel for the environment. 


“Getting to meet everyone and getting to meet more people who are also like me was my favorite part (of the meeting),” freshman Zoe Donner said. “I like having a community to be in and feel safe.”


According to the slideshow presented, Every meeting will start with an informational section about the chosen gender or sexuality the club talks about. The second half of a meeting will be a social hour where club members can talk to each other. 


“The goal of the first meeting was to introduce the club to any high school students that felt they wanted to join and feel like they had a safe place to rely on,” O’Brien said.


The upcoming meetings will be held on Monday, Aug. 29 and Sept. 12 in room B203.