Flight Night Wows the Crowd


Emely Chairez

Charlotte Waldron at rehearsal singing Tomcat Disposables. Waldron preformed again on Friday, May 13 at Flight Night.

Lillian Bittle , Writer

On Friday, May 13, Flight Night took place at 7:00 p.m. in the Southwest Auditorium. Flight Night was a staff and student talent show that was sponsored by Southwest student council.


Freshman Charlotte Waldron performed at Flight Night with the song, Tomcat Disposables.


“I heard the announcements and thought it wouldn’t hurt to audition,” Waldron said. “I went and supposedly I’m not bad at singing.” 


 The MC’s for the night were Southwest’s improv team, the Silverware, which included seniors John Roth, Avery Olson, Charis Erickson and juniors Ethan Olson, Ryan Richert and Zach Moeller. There were 14 acts in total, 11 singing acts, two instrumental acts and one school cheer. Besides Waldron, students that were involved were freshman Connor Kandler, sophomore Konstantin Petrov, juniors Ellie Baumert, Jack Thielen, Addie Stelzer, Steven Dao, seniors Presley Pritchett Peterson, Kinya Kairigi, Hannah Koca, Camille Vance, Silver Lining, Hawktet, ACS Combo and Unified Club. 


“The best part of Flight Night was seeing the acts. I was at the dress rehearsals and I had the opportunity to be a judge,” freshman Jada Frank said. “Dancing in the wings with the other Student Council members and the people that performed during other songs was fun.” 


For students who didn’t want to perform there was also an art gallery at Flight Night which included drawings, photography and paintings.