“Invincible” Comic Review


Photo courtesy of Previews World

The Amazon Prime Video Edition of the first issue of “Invincible.” The comics were adapted into a show on Amazone Prime Video in March 2021.

Emely Chairez, Editor-In-Chief

“Invincible” is a superhero comic written by Robert Kirkman, the author of “The Walking Dead.” The story follows Mark Grayson as he navigates his newfound powers he inherited from his father, Omni-man. Mark is one of the most powerful people in his universe. One can see him grow not only as a hero, but as a person throughout the entire comic. 

What makes this comic different, however, is the fact that it doesn’t hide the gruesomeness and number of casualties. If superheroes were to exist, chances are they wouldn’t be able to save everyone. In movies, we constantly see them throwing villains into buildings and flying around with civilians. If that were to happen in real life, people would be crushed by debris and would probably get whiplash from moving so fast. Most superhero comics either don’t show deaths or don’t include them, however, Kirkman never hesitated to show how gruesome and devastating those hypothetical deaths would be. Throughout the entire series, the twisted reality was never sugar-coated. 

This idea then translated into other areas of the story. Kirkman has a gift for coming up with the worst possible situations to put a character in and somehow making it even more twisted. “Invincible” is not afraid of major character death, betrayal or the atrocities that humanity can potentially commit. Several times throughout the comic, Mark Grayson is forced to answer how much he is willing to sacrifice for the greater good or for his family. He is bold and sometimes selfish with his answers, yet it adds to his humanity. Even more so when the comic shows the consequences and benefits to his own actions. 

The comic does a great job at answering what humanity can cost some and give to others in a witty, yet honest manner. “Invincible” was like a breath of fresh air in the comic world and continues to be one of the best comics ever written.