Life of a Tri-Sport Athlete Through Freshman Laken Harnly


Compiled by Leila Stewart and Meena Vasudevan

What sports do you play?

Football, basketball, and baseball.”

Do you have any advice for people who want to play three sports next year?

“If you’re going to play three sports, you really have to commit to it. You can’t go halfheartedly or give up on school or sports, you have be into both.”

Has it been hard to navigate playing 3 sports in High School?

“The transition of high school, sports, and just having to balance that out is difficult.”

How do you balance out homework and sports?

“Time management is hard when your coaches schedule practices at different times, but making sure that you get all of your work done is important.”

Have coaches or teammates been helpful with allowing you to schoolwork?

“Coaches have been lenient about me missing practices to get help and understanding towards my teammates and I.”

Do you get stressed out about sports and school?

“Sports are stressful when you have such a packed schedule and you don’t have a lot of time at home, but sports are also a stress-reliever, so it’s a combination of both.”