Life Hacks

Compiled by Jada Johnson

1. Wrap your headphones in an empty tape dispenser, so they don’t get tangled together.

2. If you have sensitive ears, put vaseline on your earrings before you wear them. It should prevent pain.

3. Put your phone in a plastic bag to watch Netflix during your shower.

4. During school, carry one full pack of gum and one empty one. When people ask you for gum, show them the empty package and say you’re all out.

5. If you feel really hot, run your wrists under cold tap water for about 5 minutes to help cool your blood down.

6. If you can’t remember something, clench your hand in a fist to help increase brain activity.

7. Fill out the survey on the back of a Krispy Kreme receipt to receive a free doughnut. Fill out the survey on your new receipt and you get a bunch of free doughnuts.

8. Put honey on any acne scars for a few hours, then wash it off. It will help them heal quickly.