Horoscopes for the Year

Compiled by Jada Johnson


Personal-  You will acheive a lot this year. Be ready. Don’t be afraid for what’s coming and take chances.

Love Life- You will meet someone this year that will make you forget everyone else. You will know when you meet them right away as you lock eyes.

Lucky numbers: 3, 5, 19


Personal- A lot of people will come to you for advice because you are reliable. Don’t be shy when it comes to your feelings. Tell everyone how you truly feel this year.

Love Life- You will run into someone you already know and realize you have feelings for them. Once you tell them how you actually feel, wonderful things will come.

Lucky Numbers: 16, 93, 13


Personal- This year you will be all over the place, but you will achieve many amazing accomplishments. You will be unsure at times and that’s okay. You’ll have a lot going on, but you can handle it.

Love Life- In the middle of a crazy concert you will notice a potential lover. A fun fling will come out of it, but nothing serious.

Lucky Numbers: 11, 47, 39


Personal- WEIRD things are coming for you. Some will make you laugh and some will make you worried. You won’t see them coming.

Love Life- You will meet your next lover in a very awkward situation. It will be nice because you will laugh about it for awhile with each other.

Lucky Numbers: 78, 26, 19


Personal- The rest of your year will be very fun. You will experience lots of adventures and make many memories. A new and exciting opportunity will come to you, and you should go for it with all you have. You are ambitious and will have a really happy year.

Love Life- You are going to meet the one this year. It could be someone you already know or someone new. You will find this person on a very sunny and cheery day.

Lucky numbers: 7, 8, 53


Personal- You will be eating tons of new foods. Which also means you will be trying many new things. You may gain a few pounds from the food, but no worries, because you will be happy.

Love Life- To be honest, your love life will be kind of boring. You will have fun, but nothing too exciting.

Lucky Numbers: 56, 7, 32


Personal- You are very loving, which could also lead to disappointment. One thing about this year is it will be very peaceful and relaxing for you, like a nice sunset on the beach.

Love Life- While you are having a rough day, someone wonderful will come into your life and stay for a long time.

Lucky Numbers: 63, 91, 15


Personal- There will be craziness. Be careful what you do. This year will be a little chaotic, but you might pull through.

Love Life- You are going to meet several potential significant others this year. Your love life will be a confusing one, but fun.

Lucky Numbers: 96, 27, 31


Personal- You are going to make numerous new friends this year. You may lose some as well. But you will like the person you are becoming.

Love Life- While sitting in a coffee shop, you will meet someone who will be yours for a large chunk of this year.

Lucky Numbers: 54, 0, 94


Personal- This year will be an interesting one. You will have various ups and downs, but in the end, everything will work out for the best. Do not give up.

Love Life- Your love life is going to be rough. You will have to work hard if you truly want someone. Don’t be afraid to go out of your comfort zone to show you care.

Lucky Numbers; 24, 65, 9


Personal- One door will close, another will open. Another door may slam. Honestly, be prepared for the unexpected because you will be surprised with what happens; it won’t be what you predict.

Love Life- You are going to meet lots of potential lovers on your adventure through life. One of those people will stick out to you more than others, but it won’t be easy being with them.

Lucky Numbers: 2, 21, 78


Personal- This year will be full of traveling. You might only have a few dollars left in the bank afterwards, but the unforgettable memories you’ll make will be worth it.

Love Life- On a vacation you will see a love interest from afar, and they will be hard to forget. It will be a short but unforgettable fling.

Lucky Numbers: 4,42, 89