Get to Know Your Bro: A Man’s Best Friend

Compiled By Natalie Hillman

Everyone that has a dog knows the excitement that comes with walking in the door and being greeted by a furry friend. Wagging tails and puppy kisses are the best after a long day of school or work. But, why do their tails wag when they are eager, and are they really giving kisses or just licking your face? Many misconceptions are made about the reason behind dogs’ actions, but all questions on our furry friends’ constant digging and barking are about to be answered.

Why does my dog tilt his head?

Many owners ponder the question of whether their dogs are listening and can understand them. Dogs have better hearing than humans, and that is the reason they come running every time

Is my dog genuinely smiling?

Ever yell at your dog for eating food directly out of your hand or for chewing on your favorite pair of shoes, and then have them fire back a cute smirk? They aren’t being as ornery as you may think. Their “smile” is actually a submissive grin and accompanies scoldings. They are responding in the most meek way that they know how.

Can dogs sense how I am feeling?

Do they have that sixth sense? Truth be told, dogs are very astute and can tell when their humans are upset or angry. They often act as cuddlers when their owners are sad and tend to be more reserved when they sense anger. It is not necessarily a sixth sense, but rather a result of all the time they have put into watching and listening to their owners.

What is the reason for all of the digging?

Dogs, while they may love their warm beds, steak meals, and pristine toys that their owners provide for them, also like to get down and dirty sometimes. They dig because they may be searching for some hidden treasure, possibly a bone they hid before. They also dig out of boredom and often times dig to escape from fenced areas.

Are dogs really “kissing” when they lick people and things?

This could not be farther from the truth. While owners like to think that their dogs are showing their love, they are actually just acting on their instincts. Many times they lick to show that they are hungry or are being submissive. Also, mothers may lick because they are used to licking their young. Excessive licking can also be from a sore spot that they have and it can be a sign that they need to see a doctor.

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