What Seniors Should Do Before Graduation


Emely Chairez

Senior Gabriela checks her StudentVue fees. Seniors should pay their fees before May 25.

Emely Chairez, Writer/Editor

Before the end of the school year, seniors must take care of money in their lunch accounts, fines,  files on their Google Drive they wish to keep and their Chromebook return. 


If seniors have money left in their lunch accounts and want to receive a refund, they must contact the cafeteria before May 20. If students do not ask for a refund, the money will be sent to Nutrition Services.


“Students can also have fines from replacement IDs or something else,” secretary Abby Traynowicz said. “These fines need to be paid for by the end of the school year so that students will still be able to pay them online.”


After May 25, all Lincoln Public Schools accounts will be deleted for graduated students. This includes their email account, StudentVue account and their Google Drive account. 


“I have a couple of poetry pieces I want to keep so I need to move them from my school account to my personal one,” senior Erica Wickwire said. 


Seniors can do so by following the instructions here


Prior to May 25, seniors must also return their Chromebooks, Chromebook chargers and Chromebook bags. Students can turn them in at the Media Center any day from now until the end of the year.