TIE Club First Meeting


Photo courtesy of TIE Club

Teens Influencing Equity (TIE club) attending summer meeting where they made posters for school.

Emely Chairez, Writer

Teens Influencing Equity (TIE club) will hold their first meeting on Thursday, Sept. 9.


The meeting will take place in B215 at 3:15 p.m. after school.


“It’s a really great group of students who are committed to making our school a more equitable place,” junior Jordyn Frank said. “A place where everyone is seen as well as the unique struggles they might face. The more peers we have working towards this goal the better, so we’d love to have you!”


The club focuses on spreading awareness around the school about issues concerning the safety, rights, and treatment of students as well as spreading inclusivity throughout Southwest. 


“I’m so excited, and I’m excited that we’ve grown so much,” Mrs. Melanie Gross said. “I can’t wait to begin this year and see what we can do.”


The club is planning on informing the student body on issues concerning the safety, rights, and treatment of students and making sure all students feel welcome and included. 


“Last year, we had so much growth in our outreach at Southwest as well as the positive impact we had on the student body,” Frank said. “I look forward to achieving more growth this year.”


Meetings will be held on the second and last Thursday of each month.