The Snow Strikes Again


McKenna DeRiese

Lincoln is expected to have a snowstorm today. Five to eight inches are expected to fall tonight.

McKenna DeRiese

Lincoln is expected to have five to eight inches of snow from a snowstorm expected to hit tonight.

According to the Weather Channel, one to three inches are expected to fall this afternoon, and then another three to five inches later tonight.

Snow was expected to begin at noon today and is predicted to continue into 1:00 a.m. Saturday with wind gusts up to 30 mph and temperatures in the mid to upper 20s.

In preparation for the potential storm, Southwest moved their girls Varsity basketball game from tonight to Thursday.

Should the snow accumulate, this will be the second heavy snowfall of 2019. Last Friday there was a hefty snowfall of four to six inches.

Many new drivers struggle driving in these snowy conditions.

“My street was covered in ice,” junior Milana Done said. “I live on a hill so I used no gas on the way down, and I remember sliding down my street at 5 miles per hour. I was absolutely terrified.”

Although Done was a new driver, she is still fortunate to live less than a mile away from school. There are many students who drive on gravel roads to get to school in the morning. During snowstorms, like the one predicted for this weekend, drivers like junior Anavictoria Almodovar Warner have to drive on icy gravel roads, which is a whole new challenge.

“Gravel roads are very slippery, especially with a car that doesn’t have 4-wheel drive, like mine,” Almodovar Warner said. “When I’m running late, I can’t try to make up time on the roads. It usually takes me 15-20 minutes to get from my house to Southwest on a normal day, but when there’s been a snowstorm it can take me a half hour.”

There are many teachers who are concerned with the student drivers as well. Mr. Jacob Fahrlander, the LSW orchestra teacher, is concerned with student drivers and believes that some snow days are called so many new drivers don’t drive in these icy conditions.

“The first couple snowstorms of the season are tough for any driver, but especially the new ones,” Fahrlander said. “Many students don’t know how much space to give in between cars and I think it’s dangerous and can influence the snow day calls.”

This weekend’s snowstorm isn’t going to be any different concerning icy roads and snowy conditions, so make sure to buckle up and go slow.