Slumped Silverhawks Set to Finish Strong


Southwest students are going to take finals Mar. 4 and Mar. 6. For many students, this is an opportunity to get grades up before the end of the term.

McKenna DeRiese

Lincoln Southwest is going to be having 3rd term final exams for the on Wednesday, Mar. 4 and Friday, Mar. 6. 

Southwest is the only high school in LPS to have an official finals day schedule for 3rd term because of block scheduling.

A lot of students get into a slump 3rd term, and is referred to as the “3rd Quarter Slump” by psychologists. According to The New York Times, The 3rd quarter slump is often defined as that time in the school year when students’ grades drop fast.

“I’m not really worried about finals this term,” senior Kallie Harford said. “I only have one class though, so I think if I had a full schedule it would be different.”

Along with students, teachers struggle to motivate their students while also suffering from the “3rd Term Slump.”

“It’s hard sometimes to get my students’ spirits lifted,” Mr. Jacob Fahrlander said. “Some days are better than others, but this term is definitely the most challenging as a teacher.” 

There are many resources students can go to if they are struggling with classes. A commonly used resource is National Honors Society’s 1 on 1 tutoring or floating tutoring on Tuesdays from 2-3 in the library. 

“There are a lot of students who have asked for tutors,” senior Sydney Hatcliff, the NHS co-tutoring chair, said. “We always have a lot of NHS members who are ready to help with any subject on Tuesdays after school and any student is welcome to come for help.”

After finals on Friday, Southwest will not resume classes until Monday, Mar. 16, for Spring break.