Newsies Kicked Off


Addison Stelzer

John Robert, Writer

LSW Theatre’s production of “Newsies” kicked off for a live audience Dec. 3 with its opening day. “Newsies” is based on the film of the same name that’s based on the real events of the Newsboy Strike of 1899. Prior to the show on Dec. 2, LSW staff had the opportunity to watch a final dress rehearsal.

“As a teacher, it was cool to get the experience to go watch the dress rehearsal live in person,” Mr. Mark Novotny said. “Talking to other teachers brought some normalcy back to life, it was just plain awesome to see everyone up there. They did a phenomenal job. The singing, the dancing, and the acting was all great.”

The show, which was originally supposed to be performed in April, was canceled last year due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Almost a year later, LSW Theatre finally got to perform the show. However, seating was limited in-person to family only.

“It’s unfortunate that so few people get to see such talented people,” Mr. Denny Hershberger said. “As far as the actors and actresses in the front and technicians and crew in the back, it was an amazing job by the LSW theatre.”

However, anyone interested in watching the performance can watch the live stream on December 4,5,11,12  at 7 p.m.  For streaming, it is $15 per person for up to four people and $65 for a group viewing with 5 or more people. Tickets can only be purchased through