Hawks Leave the Nest


Thursey Cook

Senior Caden McCormack is interviewed on Feb. 6, after signing with 4 fellow students.

McKenna DeRiese

On Wednesday, Feb. 6, five students officially signed to attend and play sports at different colleges.

Dru Sovereign, Eli Meier, TaeVyn Grixby, Makenzie Haskins-Rowe and Caden McCormack were each accompanied on stage by their families, ranging from their parents to siblings and grandparents.

“It’s surreal already choosing my college,” senior Makenzie Haskins-Rowe said. “Being a senior and already knowing where I’m going for the next four years is honestly still hard to wrap my head around. I’m just so excited to continue soccer since I’ve been playing ever since I was young.”

Many students have played sports all through elementary, middle and high school with hopes to advance to the next level when they get to college. Girl’s soccer coach Thomas Nettleton is excited to see some girls on his team be able to continue their hard work.

“Signing day is like a culminating moment for a lot of kids that take a lot of time and years of preparation.” Nettleton said. “Makenzie especially has done a lot of work to further her soccer development, as has Reagan who will sign in the spring. For both of them it is an honor to see players who make that kind of commitment to have that moment on stage.”

College sports take up a lot of time. From longer daily practices to many games a week, athletics take up a significant portion of your college life while classes don’t get easier. Senior Eli Meier considered this when choosing his college.

“I’m not really worried about juggling school and sports in college,” Meier said. “Nebraska Wesleyan has a really good tutoring program if I ever do get behind and study halls put in my day and tutors specifically for the football players to help me succeed.”

The final signing day of the school year will be April 17.