Course Request for 2022-2023 School Year due Feb. 4


Emely Chairez

Student signs up for 2022-2023 school year courses in the Media Center.

Emely Chairez, Writer/Editor

Students must sign up for their courses for the 2022-2023 school year by Friday, Feb. 4. 


Students can sign up for their classes by accessing their StudentVue account. On the left hand side they can select the tab named ‘Course Request.’ There will be a blue tab labeled ‘Click here to change course requests,’ students can click on it and then search for certain classes they need and add them to their request. 


“Students should follow their four-year plan if they have one when signing up for classes,” school counselor Tim Ernst said. “They should make sure to not sign up for more than 80 credits for the year and also try to get the request done as soon as possible so they can be at the top of the request list for each class.”


If students are unsure of which classes they need, they can check which credits they have completed through StudentVue’s ‘Course History’ window and find what else they need. They can also schedule a meeting with their counselor if they need more guidance in making a plan for courses for the next coming school year. 


“I always try to sign up for classes as soon as possible so I have the best chance of getting the classes I want,” junior Aubrey Wyatt said. “I also like to meet with my counselor beforehand because I’m a junior and I want to take the classes I need to graduate and be prepared for college.”


Seniors will not have to sign up for any classes as they will be graduating in the spring. In order to graduate, students need 245 credits. Some of the credits students need are 35 English credits, 30 math credits, 30 science credits, and 25 history credits.