2021 Hawk Magazine to be published in December


SammE Whitt

Past Hawk magazines published by Mass Media.

SammE Whitt, Writer

In December 2021, the mass media class will be publishing the Hawk magazine. 


The magazine will contain opinions from columns, LSW news, features, a cartoon and other odds and ends.  


“We have not put a magazine in print since the pandemic,”  mass media’s editor Michaela Boyd said.  “I’m just excited to see a physical copy of our work.” 


The magazine is meant to have something that students can see in their hands. Online copies differ from print copies. 


“What I want with this magazine is for my students to get the full experience of being a journalist,” the Advisor Brandi Benson said. “We do things online a lot, which is wonderful, but there is something different about having everyone working collectively to make a magazine.” 


There will be another magazine in May 2022 during term 4.