Top 5 Movies to Forget We’re In a Pandemic and an Election Year

Michaela Boyd

Life is already stressful and difficult as it is, but add a global pandemic and an election that will decide the leadership of our country for years to come and it becomes even worse. Although the pandemic and the election are very critical events in our lifetimes and should be taken seriously, it is ok to want to forget about everything for a bit. These are my top 5 favorite movies that help me relax and unwind for a couple hours to unwind. 

#5: The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975, 2016) Rating(s): R and TV-14 

Whether you are a diehard fan of the original or prefer the remake, there is just about something for everyone in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Both the 1975 version and 2016 version follow the story of Brad Majors and Janet Wiess stumbling upon a mansion run by scientist Dr. Frank-N-Furter, meeting the colorful people of the house and ultimately stumbling upon Frank-N-Furter’s ultimate creation. There’s so many bright colors and lights and it feels like a technicolor dream. A word of warning though, the scenes depicted in the original version are a lot more vulgar and sexual in nature than the remake, so if you are new to the Rocky Horror game, I would recommend watching the made-for-TV version first. 

#4: Carrie (1976, 2013) Rating(s): R

Based off of the Stephen King novel of the same name, Carrie tells the story of Carrie White, a high school student who is bullied at school and then abused by her extremely religious mother at home. She starts to notice strange occurrences, and suspects that she might have supernatural abilities. Tommy Ross, one of the popular boys in school, invites her to the prom and events take a dark and violent turn. If you are not a horror movie fanatic like me or haven’t watched a horror movie before, this one is perfect. There’s not many jumpscares and there is not an extreme amount of violence, even at the end. 

#3: Legally Blonde (2001) Rating(s): PG-13

Legally Blonde is the story of Elle Woods, Delta Nu sorority girl turned Harvard law student. After being dumped by her boyfriend in California for being “too blonde,” Elle sets out on a mission to win him back and discovers herself in the process. Legally Blonde is a movie about female empowerment and proving your worth to yourself before anybody else, and that stereotypes are meant to be broken. Elle Woods is the ultimate “girl power” icon and has been for plenty of young girls everywhere. 

#2: Mamma Mia (2008) Rating(s): PG-13

Mamma Mia is one of the ultimate feel-good movies and a good chunk of problems can be solved with a viewing. When preparing for her wedding, Sophie tries to invite her dad to the wedding, but there’s a problem: she doesn’t know who her dad is. Going through her mom’s diary, she narrows it down to three men, and invites them all to the Greek island where she and her mother live on to find out who her true father is through ABBA music. The soundtrack is my go-to on the drive to school, and it is a staple of girl’s night with my friends. 

#1: Disney’s Tarzan (1999) Rating(s): G

Tarzan is the movie I watch when I feel any strong emotion, whether it be happy, sad, or angry. After their boat caught on fire and sank, Tarzan and his parents found themselves on an island in Africa. His parents were killed by a tiger, and Tarzan was taken in by a family of gorillas and was raised as such. When an expeditionist, his guide, and his daughter, Jane, set out to study gorillas, Tarzan befriends Jane and shows her the ways of the jungle. This movie is my all-time favorite and the soundtrack is done by Phil Collins. My favorite movie character ever, Tantor the Elephant, is from this movie.